Women in Technology at City University of New York

“This picture is a great snap shot of my life’s work. Walking down Fifth Ave I was approached by two young women wearing t-shirts that had WiTNY across their chests (Women in Technology at City University of New York).They wanted to interview me as part of a group exercise to develop interview, video and podcast making skills. I smiled broadly, started to laugh at the serendipity of them randomly picking me (the creator of Take Our Daughters to Work Day and Make Mine a Million Business) and of course said yes. This group of young women embody what and who I have worked for my entire life- girls and women from all communities, faiths, and ethnic backgrounds seizing opportunities and education with the confidence to do the job, be leaders and speak for themselves.“

Nell Merlino

is a powerful force for the advancement of women and girls. She helps corporations, individuals, not for profit organizations, and countries elevate the visibility, voice and value of all females. In her role as a strategist, creative, and communications expert, Nell develops collaborative campaigns and programs that mobilize millions of people for action.

Founder & President

Strategy Communication Action Ltd.


Nell Merlino founded Strategy, Communication, Action to help clients create highly effective and award winning business and communication strategies and campaigns. She created and produced Take Our Daughters to Work Day for the Ms. Foundation for Women in 1993. Most recently Nell worked with The Female Lead in London.

Clients include Amnesty International, Calvert Investments, Citi Group, Columbia University School of Public Health, Earth Day, Lifetime TV, Ms. Foundation for Women, Natural Resources Defense Council, Nelson Mandela Welcome Committee, NGO Forum on Women in Beijing, Sierra Club, Smart & Sexy, The Commonwealth Fund, The Female Lead, The Sister Fund and YWCA.

Founder & President

Count Me In for Womens Economic Independence


Count Me In is the national not for profit Nell Merlino founded to help women business owners grow their companies. Though the Make Mine a Million $ Business and the Women Veteran Entrepreneur Corp., Count Me In changed the game introducing live competitions, peer to peer coaching and sustained national press coverage that generated billions of media mentions for women business owners. Products made and sold by Count Me In business owners can be found on Main Streets across the country, like clothing and accessories store, "The Brownstone" on 125th Street in Harlem Thebrownstonewoman.com and everywhere on Amazon. There are products available in major airports like macrobiotic snack makers Gomacro.com and through big retailers including Whole Foods, Walmart and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Businesses continue to grow like "Major Organizers" started by Major Mom, a 19 year veteran of the US Air Force Majororganizers.com She started in one location and now has a dozen franchises.

In her role as a national leader of women business owners Nell served as a Pathways Envoy for the US State Department to facilitate relationships between US and Latin American women business owners, served on the committee that developed the Walmart’s Global Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative and served as Jury Member for the Cartier Women’s Initiative.


PBB Trust


Nell Merlino is the Chair of The PBB Trust which monitors data practices to ensure they align with customers ‘rights. Privacy is respected, and people benefit from their data.

Before starting her own company and organization Nell worked as an advance person in presidential campaigns and as a union organizer. She has made thousands of speeches and received numerous awards. Her favorites include:

Favorite Speaking engagements

Business Innovation Factory, Rhode Island 2008

TEDX San Salvador, El Salvador 2011

Expo for Design, Innovation & Technology, Toronto 2017

Favorite Awards

Forbes Trailblazer Award 2000

Matrix Award NYC 2004

Most Badass Mentor – Badass Business Women, Miami, FL 2011


2003 Stanford University Business School NGO Leaders Program

1976 Fulbright Scholar UK

1973 Antioch College BA


“Cracking the Glass Ceiling and Raising the Roof “ (Innovation Case Narrative: Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence), MITpressjournals.org 2013

Stepping Out of Line: Lessons for Women Who Want It Their Way, Broadway Books, 2009 available on Amazon



Created Take Our Daughters to Work Day. Mobilized more than 20 million people to participate, setting the stage for millions more women to attend college, join the workforce, take leadership positions and change the nature of work itself.



Generated more than 3 billion media mentions speaking out and mobilizing girls, movements, women, corporations and governments. Nell recognizes that paramount importance for all people to see people who look like them leading and succeeding.



Launched the world’s first online micro loan fund at Count Me In and created a new business competition that drove thousands of women to grow their micro businesses with Make Mine a Million $ Business