Creator,“Take Our Daughters To Work Day”, Founder, Make Mine a Million $ Business, Speaker on Leadership, and Author of “Stepping Out of Line”. 



Nell Merlino has had the privilege of energizing audiences live from London to LA and Toronto to Bangkok with key note speeches, on-stage interviews and workshops. 


• Leadership
• Entrepreneurship
• Women’s Worth
• Girls to Women 

“Nell Merlino is a mesmerizing speaker. Her life’s work and experience as a women’s advocate and leader, help her understand people of all backgrounds, cultures and religions. Her empathetic yet “real talk” approach demands to be heard. She is a powerful force to be reckoned with, that must be experienced live! She is respected, beloved and admired by her audiences and followers.”

-Nely Galan
Founder of The Adelante Movement Author of New York Times Bestselling book, SELF MADE.

“I highly recommend Nell Merlino to organizations and programs seeking a powerful speaker and role model. She connects with her audience, entertaining them while sharing her vast knowledge of business and personal growth.”

-Tina Kapral
Institute for Veterans and Military Families, Syracuse University 



Nell Merlino consults with and advises Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, not for profits, NGO, associations, small businesses and individuals. 

Clients include organizations ranging from the Amnesty International to the Ms. Foundation for Women and the Sierra Club to Friends of Children and corporations including Cartier, Coca Cola, Calvert Investments, Smart & Sexy, and Walmart. In addition, Nell has coached thousands of individual small business owners in pitching their businesses to investors, judges, and customers.

"Few are more passionate in their support of women entrepreneurs than Nell Merlino, and it’s been our pleasure to partner with her for many years. From her work founding Take Our Daughters To Work Day to launching Make Mine a Million with us, Nell’s always been at the forefront in understanding and helping advance women and girls.

It’s been a pleasure for me personally to work with Nell to elevate the cause of women’s economic empowerment through entrepreneurship. The issue is finally receiving the national and international attention it deserves – in no small part due to Nell’s efforts."

- Susan Sobbott
President, Global Commercial Payments at American Express

“Nell Merlino is indefatigable - gets results that nobody thinks are possible. I have worked with her in upstate New York transforming the lives of women and I am not surprised that we can further the dream and use the extraordinary analytical abilities that Nell brings to the mission to help women make their businesses million dollar businesses. Whenever it comes to Nell Merlino you can count me in.”

-Senator Hillary Clinton
Washington DC
March 8, 2006


Nell Merlino provides expert commentary on the biggest story of the century: the rise of women. She is a leader and a witness to the stunning realizations of the equality for women and girls at home and around the world. 



Nell Merlino has generated over 3 billion media mentions.
She lives in New York City and is available on short notice for TV interviews, radio shows, Pod casts and publication interviews.


“Nell speaks truth to power about the realities for women and girls” to be safe, free and in-charge. She is a great interview and a powerful leader.”

-Amy Emmerich
Chief Content Officer

"As a journalist who has written about entrepreneurship for media organizations including the Wall Street Journal, Businessweek and Inc., I can always turn to the incomparable Nell Merlino for her fresh insights, new data and connections to phenomenal business women."

-Colleen DeBaise
Inc. Contributing Editor


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